Washing Away Paperwork from Location Management

Autobell Car Wash is looking to implement a bespoke employee management tool to improve managerial efficiency, company-wide.


UX/UI Designer


March 2022 - May 2022


User Interface Design
User Experience Design
Design Systems
User Research


Adobe XD
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Azure DevOps

Project Overview

Autobell Car Wash is looking to move away from using paper and physical documents for various aspects of each location.  Managers across various Autobell branches have been tracking their workers’ timesheets with a combination of paper, Microsoft Excel and other 3rd party apps. They urgently needed a solution that could be utilized remotely by both branch managers and district managers to modify timesheets and notify employees as needed.

The Challenge

The challenge here was to design a bespoke application that could be incorporated into their existing business model, in order to facilitate a more seamless management experience for mangers (both at specific locations and at the district level).

I was the only UX/UI designer on this project and worked with a team of business analysts, software engineers and developers. We conducted a competitive analysis of the methods/apps that were being used by branch managers in order to propose a singular solution that encompassed all of the features that they enjoyed from their temporary solutions, while mitigating the issues that they encountered.

Key Features / Goals

The app should be designed to accomplish the following goals:

Increase Efficiency

The app should provide a singular solution that allows the branch managers and district managers to perform timesheet management in an efficient manner.

Facilitate communication

The app should serve as a touchpoint that Autobell managers can use to disseminate information to employees as needed.

Replace existing workarounds

At the time, Autobell managers were using a variety of methods to manage timesheets. This needed to be mitigated.

Project Approach

Before starting the project, we conducted several meetings with stakeholders and intended users on the client side in order to gather the project requirements. During this discovery process, we were able to collect many useful data points that would inform the rest of the project.

I have to use Microsoft Excel in order to keep track of timesheets. Sometimes, I may use physical paper if I'm not able to get to a computer.

I downloaded an app from the app store called *REDACTED* that I use to keep track of timesheets at my branch. It gets the job done but it's far from ideal.

Style Guide Excerpts

Using the data gathered during these initial meetings, we were able to map out a user journey and begin the wireframing process. These early mockups were focused on mitigating the pain points that managers were experiencing with existing solutions while also, adding functionality that managers would potentially find useful.


I designed a series of wireframes that I then presented to key stakeholders (both internal and client representatives). After receiving feedback, we further refined these wireframes in order to get to more high-fidelity prototypes as seen above. These were presented using Adobe XD links so that stakeholders could see animations, have an idea of the proposed behavior of each element on the screen and provide feedback as needed.


The project was put on hold for the time being but the established mockups and design system will be used to develop the application, once the company decides to proceed.

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