Crafting Corporate Taste: Bevvi’s Strategic Shift

Executing Bevvi’s vision for honing in on corporate-focused alcohol delivery, starting with a website redesign.


Web Designer


March 2024 - May 2024


Landing Page Design
User Interface Design
User Experience Design
Graphic Design
Design Systems


Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
ChatGPT (Artificial Intelligence)

Project Overview

Bevvi is an alcohol delivery service that is shifting its business model to service primarily corporate clients. They needed a Figma design for their new corporate website and wanted to ensure that it was focused around larger corporate clients, instead of individual orders. There was a need to move away from the e-commerce feel of the site and shift more towards an informational landing page, with a contact call-to-action.

The Challenge

Upon starting this project, I was given a few corporate gifting sites to reference in terms of layout and aesthetic. I was also given the client’s color scheme and an informal brand guideline document. I was not given any content but the client requested specific sections that they would like to have on the landing page. In cases where I needed content, I used AI to generate placeholder content, since the client was planning to go back and edit content after the design process was complete. I designed the site entirely in Figma, as requested. I also shared a link to the Figma file with the client so that they could pop in periodically and leave feedback and comments. We also had a few Zoom calls where I would screenshare while walking the client through design updates and edits. This process was repeated until we reached a final version of the landing page design.

Key Features / Goals

The website should be designed to accomplish the following goals:

Facilitate Business transition

The website should emphasize providing service to corporate clients, with retail customers being secondary.

Initiate client contact

The website should encourage visitors to reach out using a contact form so that they can potentially be custoomers.

Invite ON Business Partners

The design of the website also encourage potential Bevvi business partners to reach out, in order to expand Bevvi's professional network.

Competitive Analysis

The stakeholder on the client side came prepared with websites that were in-line with the aesthetic that they were looking for on this project:

Project Approach

Since I was provided with websites to reference, I performed an audit on the sites in order to identify the definitive features of these sites, so that I would have guidelines and constraints to adhere to with Bevvi's site. Notably, the layouts provided by the client are characterized by a simple and effective (no frills) layout that communicates clearly and is easy to navigate. A simpler design in many cases also lends itself to a quicker load time/site speed.

As I was working on the site in Figma, the client stakeholders were able to pop into the Figma file and leave comments in order to provide feedback between Zoom meetings.


After a number of revisions and meetings via Zoom, We finally completed the site after using the design process described above and the site was handed off to Bevvi’s development team. The site is now live and can be viewed here.

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